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Help us translate FrostWire: earn 1% of donations in Bitcoin

edited August 2008 in Open Discussion
Help us translate both FrostWire for Android and FrostWire for Desktop.

You will need to be familiar with git. All translations that are merged into the project get 1% of what's left on the Bitcoin donations fund for the project.
This means, if you translate FrostWire, you get paid a tip as soon as your translation is accepted into the code.

We have translators contributing worldwide and coming back everyday, if you want to start earning Bitcoin and helping the opensource community this is a nice way to do so while you learn about Open Source project dynamics.

To translate FrostWire for Desktop files, it's preferable that you use a PO Editor with UTF-8 support.

To translate FrostWire for Android files, you will just have to edit .xml at 'res/values-xx/string.xml' where 'xx' are the language code you will be translating. Make sure you save the file using UTF-8 encoding.

To collaborate:
1. Fork the repository on using your account.

2. Clone the repository with
git clone
for desktop, or
git clone

3. Inside the repository folder you just cloned, create a branch for your contribution by issuing
git checkout -b my-language-update-2014-10-22

4. Work on your branch, commit your changes.

5. Push the changes back to your fork
git push origin my-language-update-2014-10-22

6. Go to and submit a pull request to our repository's master branch.

After this happens we'll review your changes, let you know if anything needs to be fixed. Usually when you're done, if you have more than one commit, or cosmetic commits fixing small typos, we'll ask you to rebase and squash the changes (no worries, we'll tell you how), and once ready, we'll merge the changes into the master branch, and minutes after you should receive a notification from letting you know how many Bitcoins you have received as a tip from FrostWire donors.
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