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Download Progress bars stop moving **

The progress bars have stopped moving along with the percent completed. There are numbers from the download speed and they are changing slightly as they normally should but it appears not to be downloading. Also, sometimes the progress seems to go backwards, undownloading if you will. Help please.


  • Is this happening with Torrents or Gnutella downloads and is it happening all the time, or just occasionally. It does happen on some downloads if Frostwire detects a faulty segment and tries to download it again. Usually it tends to be just on a particular file. Please give us a few more details .. We don't want to know the title, but file type size etc might be useful.
  • I also have the same problem, just when I upgraded to version 4.17. With the older version all was ok.
    I use frostwire for Ubuntu, and I just tried to delete ALL incomplete files, and these folders:

    The problem didn't disappear. I noticed that the date/time of the files (in download) into "incomplete" folder is ever updated, so I don't' understand if the problem is only about refreshing the progressbar, or if instead frostwire download the same bytes forever.
    I think is a BIG, very very BIG bug with the new version.
    What do you think???
    Have you any suggestion?
  • Oscarand perhaps you could give the deatails I asked the last poster for please. And do not double post to different threads. I have deleted your other post.

    I am not familiar with Ubuntu. Are you using the default location for your save folder.
  • Sorry, I'm not used to write into forums, so I've posted into topic I've found about this argument.
  • No problem just don't post more than once .. and in general it tends to be better to start a new thread ..

    BUT to repeat what I said before....

    I am not familiar with Ubuntu. Are you using the default location for your save folder?
  • Yes, I've done a default installation into the default dirs
  • @oscarand

    So am I right in thinking that this happens with ALL downloads, both torrents and Gnutella downloads?

    Does the progress bar move at-all to a certain percentage, or does it stay at zero?

    Despite this, are you able to complete downloads, or are all your downloads sticking.

    Which Java version are you using?

    @mastermike7 we would like to hear more from you! ... and in particular which Operating System are you using. :)
  • I resolved the problem by re-installing Frostwire 4.13.5: it works right. I think (I'm quite sure...) that the last version of Frostwire has changed something, like a bug.

    Before to install the last version of Frostwire, I deleted ALL files and folders containing Frostwire configuration files, ALL incomplete files... like Frostwire application doesn't never installed on my Kubuntu; but it doesn't work: when I close and then start Frostwire, the files in download go until 3X%, eg. 36% and then its loops forever between 36% and 37%
    It's very strange, isn't it?
  • I think this is a problem with the latest Frostwire. I am doing a number of somewhat frustrating tests to try to find what is going on, and will reply further when I have some thing positive to say. Any other feedback from 4.17.0 users will be very welcome, but I'm glad you have found a solution for your self.
  • I have been doing some tests with one avi file: approx. 700 MB, Rated as good on Bitzi and shared by a good number of hosts. After having problems on Limewire 4.18.3 and 4.18.6 and Frostwire 4.17.0 I did download it with no problems on another Gnutella Client.

    As far as I can see the problem is that Frostwire and Limewire are detecting corrupt segments where there are none. Viewing the download with extended tooltip showed at varying stages depending on the particular download, a rapidly increasing amount of the file lost to corruption, although to be fair my first download on Frostwire went fine until I cancelled it purposely at 95%, re-started Frostwire and could not then restart it, except from zero.

    There is another problem, touched on above, that I have found, which is that if you cancel a download and close Frostwire it will not restart from where it left off when you restart and resume. Also bringing up the exact same file in a fresh search will not show the broken paper icon, but if the download is resumed from the Library and the identical file then selected for download from the new search it gives the message, correctly, that it is already being downloaded. also covered in viewtopic.php?f=5&t=4769

    These problems may well be connected.

    For now it seems to be a good idea not to have any cancelled partial downloads when Frostwire is closed, but rather keep them in the download window.

    As for the corruption problem, I did think this might be due to using Frostwire for other tasks .. which I was doing, but one download stopped progressing due to "corruption" even though I was doing nothing else on the computer. .. so it seems to be random.

  • In my case the problem happens executing these steps:
    1) install Frostwire 4.18.x on a clean Kubuntu system
    2) start downloading a file (for example a 700MB file)
    3) download it until (for example) 50% or 60%
    4) close Frostwire waiting for the correct application end
    5) re-open Frostwire: the percent downloaded now is different and minor, for example 36%
    6) from this moment the download stall between 36 and 37%

    Obviously, the percent can be a little different for each file downloaded.

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