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Why can't I play the songs I've downloaded when offline? There's a pop-up warning that says "Frostwire is unable to connect to host on the Gnutella network". What should I do?


  • when you are next online with frostwire go to the tools tab at the top of frostwire and in there click on options. when the options window pops up look at it and see wheryour audio files are being saved to. once you know where they are being saved to then you can put them into windows media player or whatever you use for playing music and listen to them any time of the day.

    if you continue to play them in frostwire when its offline you will constantly get that "frostwire is unable to connect to the gnutella network"
  • how do you use it offline on a kindle fire hd?
  • hello wrote:
    how do you use it offline on a kindle fire hd?
    What is "it" and what do you want to do?
    What is your operating system?
    Be very clear.
    This is a FrostWire support forum, not Kindle Support.
    We will try to help, but kindle questions should go to the manufacturer's support area.

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