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Trojan Virus in Frostwire 4.13.5 C|NET

When I went to and clicked on the download link for Frostwire 4.13.5, it directed me to At this webpage I downloaded the newest version of Frostwire. Once the application was on my desktop, I scanned it with avast! antivirus. It detected 2 Trojan Viruses, and it deleted the file. I also downloaded again scanned ewido antivirus. The same 2 trojans appeared. I searced Frostwire 4.13.5 on google, and only found 2 other sources. They were and They were the exact same file, with the same 2 viruses. I need the new version of Frostwire! And anywhere i go to download it i get virus overload! What do I do? How do I get a clean version of 4.13.5?

Thanx in advance to any Help!



  • Exactly what virus/trojans were identified? There is a option to install an "ask" toolbar and it is possible that your programs are picking up on this which is not harmful but does sometimes get picked up by some av programs.
  • Avast! antivirus says it is a Win32:Agent-XIT [Trj], but when i scan it with ewido antivirus now it says there is no viruses. It found two trojans. One was found in C:\Documents and Settings\Colin\Desktop\\$PLUGINSDIR\apbarSp.FrostWire.exe\[Embedded#040d0] and the other was found in the same place.
  • These are not harmful .. they are in fact files related to the ask toolbar I referred to earlier. Certain AV programs show up such things as being viruses or trojans, or as being ad-ware within Frostwire. The toolbar is not in any way harmful and when you install Frostwire, there are options to not install it if you don't wish to ...
  • Okay thank you for your help!
  • i know my Norton av
    is picky
    it goes nuts if theres a tracking cookie or in irc rooms
    BETTER the av is cautious then the real virus and let it slip by
  • Im having the same problem with avast and frostwire.
    I would like to clarify if it is safe to ignore the false positive detected by avast and continue to install frostwire?
  • Avast is picking up on the toolbar that is included and which helps pay for frostwire. It is optional and you can deselect it during install if you stop to read and don't just click "Next" blindly.
  • And yes it is quite safe :)
  • I had consulted Avast forums and they said that I must upload your software to a virus testing online scanner ( ).Ill try to resolve this problem and ill report here whether Avast detected a false positive or frostwire is containing a trojan.
  • This is a link to the result of the online virus scanner ... 5dcda8e9eb

    3 anti virus detects the installer of frostwire is contain a virus or an adware installer
    I know the adware installer is the ask toolbar(detected by NOD32)but the virus detection of the 2 remaining anti virus is bothering me.
  • I'd imagine that it's better that no one install FrostWire until all virus scan software detects zero viruses (or false positives) in the software. The FrostWire community needs to clear this up with the AV companies before us users can feel safe again.

    It's rarely a good idea to tell the public to ignore virus warnings.
  • You may have a point, but the results posted above show that only 3 out of 29 programs found any problem whatsoever. We seem to have had a spate of questions about this recently, and only one other that I can recall previously since the addition of the toolbar.

    Please read this re: Win32:Agent-XIT (Avast) .. all the way to the bottom .. (The ask toolbar WAS installed after all) ... 96daa6c6de

    As for malicious software (Prevx1) .. well that doesn't say anything, which is less than helpful

    "It is rarely a good idea to tell the public to ignore virus warnings", agreed but on this occasion we feel justified. I have asked the development team to check this thread and suggestions out.

    and thanks ryklon for posting those results :)
  • No problem :wink:
    Id gladly help frostwire because it is one of my favorite p2p clients and it is the best when downloading music(.mp3)files

    Good luck to all the developments :)
  • It's a false positive.
  • i also noticed my norton detects
    cookies cookies that slip by
    firewall issues it will say ppl are try to bypass firewall in some irc rooms ny norton goes nuts
    unknown threats- as the tool bar things that look suspicious
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    What other programs should i add with avast antivirus program? i have just instaLLed AVAST anti-virus. im not sure if it wiLL protecT mY laptOp that gOod just like what mCafee did. should i add more antispywares or malware programs? if yes what should i add? im not that familiar with this antivirus issues so please help me. thanks in advance.
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    Why am I suddenly being bombarded with trojan horse it is being blocked but never happened before? I have Norton protection and up to recently I have never had any major security risks (only blocking of tracking cookies). Three days ago the pop up status started informing me that auto protect has detected and blocked a security risk of Trojan Horse. This is occurring every 3 minutes or so - there are now hundreds logged on the security history. Though I am secure what can I do to stop this bombardment?
  • Avast and Norton are well known for false positives, they are being paid to block certain programs by certain groups i'll not mention, if you are useing an integrated antivirus/ firewall solution, then the firewall side is trying to block the gnutella connection claiming that they are attacks - this is false, try useing some network diagnostic tools and watch the activity yourself and not trust just what your told by a corporate entity. ( Avast uses portions of the Norton database jtlyk.. ) I personaly prefer ESET Nod32 or Kaspersky, they usually have antivirus information faster than either of the two aformentioned.

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