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file content viewer, and 851.7 kb filter

well like most of us here, i've been useing limewire for a long time and just swicthed over to frostwire today. however lets cut to the chase, we've all encountered a time that we've spent a long time waiting for a download of something and that once it has finsihed its not neccsiarlly (excuse my spelling) what youhave been looking for. i would like to see a tool that will allow to see exactly what hides inside those zip folders, or compresed folders. i think it would save us time and a little agravation as well. and my second thing i would like to see added, is a filter that automatically filters out file sizes of 851.7kb. we all know that they are either trojians and/or spyware. beware the setup file lol. anyways thats just my 2 cents.

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