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Has anyone been sued for using frostwire?

edited March 2016 in Open Discussion
Has anyone ever been sued for downloading songs on frostwire (not limewire)? And how can I decrease my chances of being sued when downloading songs on frostwire? :? Also BTW what are my chances of being sued when using frostwire ? I need an answer soon !!!!!!!!!!!


  • Nobody was sued for using it. and no one ever will.
  • The chances of them finding anyone is low very low.
  • There is a chance of being caught anytime you do something illegal.

    Frostwire is a legal software application. What you do with it makes it illegal or not.

    You are taking your chances if you use Frostwire for downloading illegal material as you do with every other application that can be used for illegal purposes.
  • but the way i look at this is i dont think that the "police" are going to find every single person using frostwire, limewire or anything else to get music for free. yes theres a chance but i doubt they would go after one person when theres thousands of people using this most of them probably downloading illegal stuff
  • You could quite easily be that 'one' person, if you are downloading illegal copyrighted material.

    The point is, the risk is there. As much for you as the next person.

    There is no point in shirking away from the fact. People get caught, for downloading one or two songs, or thousands.

    I'm not scare mongering, just pointing out the reality.
  • I say if the police want me they will need to kick in the door :D
  • Only uploaders have ever been targeted. Heed the difference.
  • i read something somewhere that they were more targeting colleges than everyone else but i guess PoeticJaffaCake is right. theres a risk you take every time you both download and upload copyrighted material. i just really hope that if someone gets sued that they dont pull that "frostwire should get sued too" crap
  • I always try and see it from computer perspective, you bought the computer, if you go to a illegal website, download a illegal application, and run that application, and say..hack a network or whatever, the computer manufacturer isn't to blame, you are.
    Same with frostwire, frostwire is a tool, how you use it is your choice.
  • Indeed, that is why frostwire is not to blame, and the chance of the police sending out forces to arrest frosty users is so limited its not worth worrying about ;)
  • The police never get involved and people do not get arrested for mere file sharing. Any legal matters arising from copying are civil and so only fines and not jailtime is involved.

    (Although the FBI would like to talk to you if you deal with a certain kind of pornography or encryption...)
  • it does kinda annoy me though when people go into rooms like main and shout that frostwire is illegal when they have no idea what they are talking about
  • #Main annoys me too, but not always for that reason.
  • In general, #Main annoys anyone with a life ;)
  • what different does it make if you share with someone on the internet or your best friend down the street
    I don't see how they can sue you
    I share with my friends all the time so why not share with my friends on the internet
    they would have a hard time anyway proving it :D
  • It's Safe. I doubt the police are going to come knocking at your door asking for you, or break down your door aim a gun at your face or pull a 007, or some crappy cop show move, diving behind furniture.
  • The truth is that the police have a lot more important things to worry about than illegal downloaders, however if you live in England (and im guessing this will or has impacted US) the BPI (British Phonographic Industry) will try and cut your internet off. They merely search for people downloading illegaly and use the IP address to ask the ISP to send you a letter. Three strikes and you're out!

    take a look at h**p://
    The famous pirate bay are apparently developing a new encryption program that will encrypt all network traffic. Sounds like a pretty huge development task but if it works we'll be home free!!
  • Not has far as I know.

    Account deactivated at request of member
  • People at UT got fined Ten thousand dollars for using Limewire and selling the CD's, but if you are using Frostwire for the right reasons then I don't think you have anything to worry about.
  • well of course those guys were fined. they were making money off of it. and rightly so. but if your just sharing i dont think so.
  • Some people need to just answer the questions being asked and quit with the chinese proverb crap. "How you use the saber is up to you padawan," ok but... how do I use the saber? You could get sued, very unlikely, I do not believe anyone ever has. You can decrease your chances by downloading and uploading less.
  • can anyone tell me what exactly is illegal? if music downloading is illegal then the apllicaation is getting off my computer
  • There's no law against downloading and there is never going to be a
    law against having FrostWire or any P2P software on your computer.

    The MAFIAA tried suing some people [for uploading, not downloading]
    but gave up after many failures. Nobody will ever be sued for downloading
    because it is legally impossible. Downloading is not a copyright violation at all,
    only uploading.
  • but the way i look at this is i dont think that the "police" are going to find every single person using frostwire, limewire or anything else to get music for free. yes theres a chance but i doubt they would go after one person when theres thousands of people using this most of them probably downloading illegal stuff
    yeah, the police are more likely to go after the people who upload the files to the internet. I guess it would be called the "original seed".
  • BeiGaiRen wrote:
    I say if the police want me they will need to kick in the door :D

    Give them a good enough reason and they will. Trust me. They kicked in mine and pointed a gun at my mom's head.
  • Well seeing as Frostwire is built on the same engine as Limewire, yes somebody has been sued using this application.

    But have no fear, the RIAA and MAFIAA go after seeds, not leeches.
  • DO NOT DOWNLOAD MUSIC ANYMORE!!! I have been contacted by my internet provider, informing me that they have discovered i am illegally downloading music using this specific software. If i continue to download, they warned i would be prosecuted. As far as whether or not this software should be considered illegal or not... well, IT SHOULD. This software may only be a tool for offenders, but it is a tool that was created for specific ILLEGAL purposes. This was only a warning, but you have to ask yourself if your dumb enough to take the risk of paying heafty fines, and by heafty i mean $500,000+, just for music... This is for real guys!
  • a rose by any other name, youre back. thanks for trying to scare the children, again. you forgot to tell us what country you are in. which isp you use. who contacted you. thier name. on behalf of who. what the message said. upload a copy of the message to PhotoShack so we can see it.
    what are your habits. do you upload new movies the you ripped download old songs use torrents.
    less than a month ago i spoke to my isp about problems with my monthly GBs allowance due to my P2P usage because my bandwidth gets throttled to a crawl after my allowance is reached. after very littlr persuasion from me they doubled my monthly allowance for $10 extra *(should have been $40) and put me onto the faster kbps plan for free to get me to keep my account with them.

    you should emigrate to a p2p friendly country or change isps.
  • sigh

    Frostwire isn't tool designed for illegal purposes, it was designed for legal file sharing, we even have frostclick which are legal torrents being shared by their owners/authors/artists (some really decent stuff actually).

    Stop scaremongering, you're making yourself/ves look extremely stupid and are nothing more than a nuisance.

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