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Welcome everybody to the new FrostWire forums.

Expect a bit of breakage the following days as we adjust to this new platform.

We thank you for your patience.
-FrostWire Team


It would be easier if all users were directed to /list instead of main
well It would solve the problem of foreign persons( ppl of other country)


  • Sounds a good idea and would keep the #main traffic more manageable
  • This seems like a very good idea! the way the program is built for the chat in frostwire, if its the same one i use, you can do a auto-command-on-connect, so instead of "join #main", "list" would work very well, it would dramatically cut down on all the errors we get in main with abuse etc, and the languages, although we would need to put instructions on how that works, as seeing a list you need to know where to go.

    Also some titles in rooms have words you wouldn't want your children to see, they are marked 18+ only, but if we were to send them to list, we would have to look into that..

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