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Frostwire 6.4.4 build 215 searches don't download

Windows 10, Firefox latest, Frostwire 6.4.4 build 215. Downloaded FW last night and the problem I got is that of the 10 downloads I'm trying to do nothing is downloading even with more than a 1000 seeds. Looked on the Forum and only found 1 topic on FW 6.4.4 and nothing commented on it.

I shut my computer off over night and when I turned it on and got FW up I waited awhile and still none of the downloads were downloading. I cancelled 1 of the downloads and tried to download it again and still after half an hour nothing downloading. Has 695 seeds which by now should have stated downloading something.

Now I'm at a lose. I suppose I'll have to figure out how to put FW 6.4.3 back on so I can download again..


  • I'm new to this but have the same problem lots of seeds but nothing is downloading
  • I also get the same issue. The transfer status switches to "Downloading" but the Seeds always remaining at 0/0 even though the file had 10000s of seeds.

    I tried another torrent client and it also occurs with that.

    What is happening!! :shock:
  • I went back to FW 6.4.3 and things are working okay. I'll wait until a version comes out that works.
  • Hi,
    I have the same problem, updated Frostwire and now nothing is downloading.

    How do I reinstall 6.4.3. Do I do that via Frostwire or from somewhere else?
  • Yep I'm dealing with the same bull$#!! for the past couple weeks now. Seems to have plenty of seeds and even starts out of the gate with some really high speeds but then, as if my internet went out, the downloading stops. Still see the seeds. Just no more downloading. Sometimes if I exit FW and wait a few minutes and restart it again I get the same cycle. It starts downloading fast and then suddenly it will just stop. Very aggravating.
  • Here's a new FrostWire 6.4.6 build 227 (built March 08 - 02:17 am EST)

    Windows ... github.exe

    Mac ... -6.4.6.dmg

    Ubuntu/Debian ... .6.all.deb

    RPM ... noarch.rpm

    Other (tar.gz) ... 227.tar.gz

    frostwire (6.4.6) stable; urgency=high
      * New Options > Advanced > Experimental. Users can now try ALPHA and BETA features
        at their own risk.
      * New revision of jlibtorrent fixes BitTorrent bugs
      * New piece size selection on torrent creation dialog
      * Library > Playlists UI improvements. Support to display lyrics when available
      * search discontinued
      * Fixes issues with SoundCloud search
      * FrostWire wizard is now displayed when a new build number is detected
      * jlibtorrent version number available in about window
      * ALPHA: New VPN-Drop protection setting. Automatically stop all BitTorrent traffic
        if no VPN connection is available
     -- FrostWire Team <>  Tue, 7 Mar 2017 19:45:51 -0600

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