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Annoying tab issue when downloading

hey, just have an annoying issue whenever i download...i just got a new computer and got the new frostwire and everytime i download anything it shows me what i downloaded in the "transfer" tab, thats annoying itself i personally dislike that...but it's livable...but what i really dislike is when i click back at my regular search tab to see what i may try to download again it sends me back to the "transfer" tab whenever the download is there a way to change this type of setting? it's really off putting and i'm just debating to try to use a different torrent because of this..i love frostwire...but seems a bit too annoying to deal with...i miss the old way it would just show you below and not bother you.


  • I'm also Ticked Off by the Tab Changes When a Download is Complete. When you're Trying to Set up Another Download or Do Another Search, WHAM! Just When you're Trying to Click to Do Something you Need to Do, the Tab Changes to Show a Download has Completed. I Could Care Less if a Download has Completed At That Time. I would rather have Completed What I was Doing When So Rudely Interrupted. A Few times like That and You're Ready to Drop Kick the Computer Out the Window.

    Now a Tab Change to Show that the Download Has Started is Okay, Great & Fine. It Doesn't Interfere with what you're Doing at the Time. But the Tab Change to Show When a Download is Complete Should Never Happen. I Can Change the Tab Whenever I want to Check on the Status of a Download. I Don't Need it Done for Me, at the Wrong Time.

    This is One Change That Needs to be In a FrostWire Version Fix Coming Up! Please......
  • I find the new tab settings annoying .. so annoying I stopped installing new versions, There should be an option to freeze the search tab open. I don't mind the transfer tab and find it useful but I don't want to be forced to use it all the time. Please fix this and tell us when it's fixed so I will know to install the version with the tab glitch fixed. Where can i get an older version?

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