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Fighting back against the Scammers......

I would like to see A Warning,something Hard coded into FrostWire, so no-one can remove it, to the effect that if you paid for it you were scammed,
Get in touch with your Credit card company and get your money back now!
it should be the very first Splash screen upon Installation to guard against additional payloads.

also in regards fighting back,
I have seen somewhere a site that enables you to download a prog that launches DoS attacks against fake banks, something similar should be incorparated into Frostwire,

Users could be asked if they would contribute say 1% of their bandwidth to taking down the scammers sites, and it would only kick in when they are not downloading or something.

it would spread across the network and with the millions of users the Gnuttella network has these Parasites wouldn't stand a chance,
Google ads will provide you with all the web addys you could ever need as well as user submissions.

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