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Hey. How to make a screenshot ?

edited March 2016 in Open Discussion
Hi friends
Register here , have a question.
How to quickly make a screenshot ? I apologize for the simple question. Thanks for the answer to all.
Do not delete , please. Close the topic when the response is received .
Thank you again .


  • My policy is that I'll try to answer any serious question.

    IF you are running windows, a simple screen shot can be made two ways.
    1) Press print screen to capture the entire screen.
    2) Press alt-print Screen to capture the current window.

    Both of these actions copy the screen shot to your copy buffer. The problem, now is to get the copy buffer into a program that can write the screen shot to a functional place. Almost any graphics editor will accept the copy buffer by pressing ctrl-V to paste it into it. One of the best free editors is: but if you want to send the screen shot via email, most email programs will allow you to ctrl-V the shot inline, without writing it to a file first, as will many word processors.

    For instance using irfan, I'd press priint screen to take my screen shot. I'd start irfan and press ctrl-V I'd save the file to a known location, probably using jpg or png format. JPG is much smaller but lossy. PNG is a bit bigger but lossless. For screen shots, I'd probably use JPB with a sixty quality.

    Any question more, just ask.
  • on a Mac:

    Open Preview > File > Take screenshot > select your choice > save result as JPEG (in most cases this is the most convenient, but not the best quality) in your favourite save location. Note saving whole screen uses a timer to enable you to open any drop down menus etc you may wish to save
  • [b]How to take a screenshot on your Mac[/b]
    You can take screenshots of your whole screen or just part of it. Screenshots are saved automatically as .png files on your desktop.

    Take a screenshot of your whole screen

    Press Command (⌘)-Shift-3.
    Find the screenshot as a .png file on your desktop.

    Take a screenshot of part of your screen mac

    Press Command-Shift-4. The pointer changes to a crosshair pointer.
    Move the crosshair pointer to where you want to start the screenshot.
    Drag to select an area. While dragging, you can hold the Shift key, Option key, or Space bar to change the way the selection moves.

    When you've selected the area you want, release your mouse or trackpad button. To cancel, press the Escape (esc) key before you release the button.
    Find the screenshot as a .png file on your desktop

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