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Can't Download or find Items

edited October 2013 in Open Discussion
There have been a lot of recent problems with downloads not starting or being unable to reach torrent index sites.

This is NOT a FrostWire problem.

This is the government in action. Today, six ISPs – BT, Sky, Virgin Media, O2, EE and TalkTalk – begin blocking many major index sites at the ISP level. The most effective way to get around these problems is to subscribe to a VPN.

My help pages have articles and reviews on VPN technology. There is nothing that FrostWire can do the prevent ISP and regional blocks. A VPN routes your traffic through other geographic areas, bypassing regional restrictions. It also provides privacy and security.

I no longer even access the net without having my VPN in place. I like the privacy and security it offers and it makes. It no only make P2P processing faster, safer, and more enjoyable, it provides extra security for banking and other financial transactions, as well.

DO practice safe computing. Get a VPN.

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