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file size filter

is it possible to get a file size filter like the filter for specific words? it would be very effective against fake files..which the user considers fake...thx


  • That would be really useful.

    There are often files of a certain size that keep reappearing that we recognise as junk, would be good to be able to filter out files of that exact size. Or filter out files which are obviously too small or too large.

    Great idea, hope someone with the right skills can do it!
  • Use the junk filter in FW.
    • Load up Frostwire.
    • Click on Tools - then select Options in the drop down menu.
    • Navigate to Filters and press the '+' sign.
    • Select Junk
    You are now at the junk options screen. Here you can select the manner with which junk is displayed, and the severity of the filter. Choose which suites your personal choice best, if you are not sure test each option yourself.

    When you have chosen your settings click
    • Apply, then
    • OK
    Now search for the file you wish to download.

    Once the download is complete, look at your results. If it is a song the usual file size is between 2,000-10,000 KB (approximately) for an mp3 file, so if a file appears in the serach as 136.1MB this is not an mp3 file - it is most likely malware.
    • Move your mouse pointer over the infected file and Right click, a menu will appear.
    • Move mouse pointer down to Mark as a second menu will appear to the right.
    • Left click on Junk.
    Frostwire will now remember this file as Junk. If you continue to do this with unwanted files in your serached Frostwire will learn which files you regard as junk and label them as such.

    If you have selected FW to display the junk files they will appear in your searches with a grey bin under the Quality column. You now know which are junk, and which are not. If you have selected FW to remove the junk files from your searches they will not appear in your search results.
  • Thanks Mr Frosty.

    Lets say I'm searching for a video by the Beatles and there are spam files that are all 1,050kB and real files that are 20Mb. If I label the large files as "not junk" and the small ones as "junk" then the junk filter will learn that a big file with the word "Beatles" is OK word but a small file with the word "Beatles" size for a video is junk?

    I was concerned that if the filter looked at file name alone, I'll be marking all Beatles as junk.
  • The filter has to be trained to your preferences & will 'learn' over time what's junk & what's not. To begin with, you might see good files marked as junk (some people have seen quite good files wrongly described as junk).

    If you think a file that's marked as junk is really ok... change it to 'not junk'. Until you're confident that your filter knows what it's doing :wink: it might be better to display your junk files... that way you can see what files are being filtered out!
  • ok... but a junk filter that would filter out certain file sizes would be nice........ I mean everyone knows that a file 851.7 KB in size is a trojan... so how about a junk filter that filters out the files of that size.......?

    Just a thought........
  • The junk filter is useful, but when you're browsing for music, you never want a 137.4 KB file. Besides, the junk filter remembers certain files, if a new one is created it needs to be "rejunkified". A filesize filter would make it less repetitve as you would only need to say what file sizes you don't want displayed once.

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