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Ridiculous ops

edited December 2013 in Chat Room Help
What in the hell is with the ops in main anymore? I know it used to be bad but it's absolutely insane now. When an op is CLEARLY in the wrong and told by multiple chatters, other ops just have their back no matter what? You know, I understand how criticizing ops can get you a ban or mute or kick, but when they have clearly screwed up and they say they are right and you are wrong... It's just getting very old. I just watched half a dozen people get banned/kicked/muted over telling an op that they were in the wrong. At least three other ops jumped in right behind them doing the same. How many goddamn complaints does it to til you guys understand what is wrong, or do you all simply not care?

I get that main has to be run with rules, but when someone brings up something of no big deal and the op turns it around saying it was racist... what the hell?


  • I guess it is ok to have a rant - we all like to do that sometimes. If you are making a real complaint some logs or screenshots would help or take it up in the #reports room. You did post in the wrong forum (I have moved your post), but please be aware that the chat community does not frequent the forums a lot.

    Oh and I liked your earlier pictures - looking through your earlier posts :)
  • Haha yeah I've been around for a while. That was back probably 3 or 4 years ago. And thanks.
  • I have had the same prob. on a repetitive instance I know I can go on about a subject but it dos seem to be an ops click no mater if the op is doing the same as the regs the ops ban and kick no wonder there are less and less ppl on frost

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