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FrostWire Slowing My Mail & Internet Connection?

Ever since loading FrostWire my mail program and internet connection seem to be sloooow. I've tried going into tools/options and changing a bunch of things around trying to find the right combination to get back to normal but to no avail.
Anyone have any suggestions? :(


  • This can probably be expected to a certain degree, seeing as Frostwire is using the internet at the same time.
  • Frostwire will slow things down to a certain extent. It is a resource hungry application. Let us know what Operating System, processor speed, RAM and free space you have and we'll check if it is adequate, and make one or two suggestions ... possibly :)

    Also go to and run a few speed tests, and let us know the results ..up and down ... the down speed should be within 15% or so of what you are paying for, but will not probably match it ... The up speed varies hugely from isp to isp
  • Thanks for getting back to me. My operating system is Windows XP Home Edition / It's an 80GB hard drive with 47.6 GB of free space / Celeron 2.66 GHz CPU / 504 MB of RAM. My DSL service is supposed to be providing 1.5-3.0 mb/s and the best case speed test was 2507 kb/s on the download and 357 kb/s on the upload.

  • Thanks for that:) .. Your set up looks good, except that 250 MBG or so extra RAM might improve things.

    As for your settings, I advise you to set your Speed in Options to T3 (These settings are a little misleading as they do not reflect the true nature of T3 settings, but are rather more just a guide for Frostwire)

    Then adjust your download cursor to about 2200kbps, and your upload cursor to about 300kbps. You can play around with these settings a bit, but this will ensure that your computer is never working at full stretch on the Frostwire side. If you want to whack it up to maximum you can, but don't forget to reduce it again afterwards. Clearing uploads automatically, or manually can help prevent your system slowing down. I find a huge page of Queued uploads can slow things down. Also a large number of downloads awaiting sources, as well as having unnecessary tabs on Frostwire open. It can help also to run Frostwire minimized whenever possible.

    I hope that helps a bit :)
  • I'll let you knw how the changes you suggested work, thanks. BTW, I hit the annoying flashing upgrade prompt and now have LimeWire instead of FrostWire. Can/should I get rid of the FrostWire program or are they linked? Would doing so help correct the sloooow problem I've been having? Thanks again.
  • The programmes are related, but not linked ..other than by this annoying update glitch which is will be sorted in the next day or two. Frostwire is based on Limewire, but a lot of people prefer it and that is why Frostwire is enjoying a great following. What I suggest you do is use Limewire for a day or so until the new Frostwire appears. Then you can get a Frostwire without the Limewire update notice, and also a Frostwire which will load quicker. I'm not sure if your Frostwire will have been replaced by the Limewire update. If it has not, just leave it and use it if you wish. Not necessarily at the same time as Limewire. That can cause problems in one or two cases.

    I shall do my best to advise you when the new Frostwire is out.. It will be out at any moment. I think if you download to the same folder, your incompletes MIGHT carry on in the other programme.. Otherwise they work independently.

    You may also notice a difference in speeds, although I think this is largely down to luck more than anything else. Do let us know if you notice a difference over a good number of downloads. :)
  • Frostwire 4.13.3 is now released for all platforms ... A lot of hard work by the development team and Gubatron, who I pestered mercilessly, in particular. :)

    Get it from and see for the changelog

    If you have had problems with 4.13.2, we hope these will be removed in 4.13.3

    Please let us know of any problems continuing. And thanks to all for you patience and support.

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