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Welcome everybody to the new FrostWire forums.

Expect a bit of breakage the following days as we adjust to this new platform.

We thank you for your patience.
-FrostWire Team



First off, make sure you have iTunes, installed. It is free from where Apple also have links to useful Featured Tutorials

Note that sharing your Frostwire Library in iTunes (which does not involve adding tunes to the iTunes library) is not an option in Frostwire 5

In most later versions of Frostwire 5.1.x and later, in Windows or Mac, downloads can be added to the iTunes library and a playlist called "FrostWire" automatically by enabling Tools > Options > iTunes > Importing. This causes slightly odd behaviour at times and may find re-added items under certain circumstances, so if you choose this method do keep an eye on your iTunes library to make sure you do not have double entries there. If you you choose not to use this method the next suggestion works well.

If you are using Frostwire 5.2.x or later in Windows or Mac, right click on seeding transfers in the Transfers window, and choose send audio to iTunes. This can also be done in the Library Audio view or if you select "Show In Library" from the Transfer window.. Files added this way will also show in an automatically created FrostWire playlist in iTunes.
Note that the right click > send to itunes might not work on some Windows installations in 5.2.11, in which case select Explore or Show in Folder and add to iTunes from the folder. This is not ideal but should be fixed in 5.2.12.

Files can also be dragged to other applications or locations from the Frostwire Library if they are in the Finished Downloads view or Audio, Video etc. Not currently possible from the Playlist view.

The following largely applies to Frostwire 4.21.8 and earlier.

Please note that a Shared Playlist will show in iTunes carrying the name of your shared folder shown in Frostwires iTunes > Sharing Option, .....
IF ........
Frostwire is enabled to share files with iTunes in Frostwire> Tools > Options > iTunes > Sharing,
iTunes is enabled to look for Shared Libraries in iTunes > Preferences or Tools > Options >Sharing .

If you discover that previously shared songs have disappeared from this list after closing Frostwire, you should share your Frostwire saved folder; the location of which is given at Frostwire > Tools > Options > Saving > Save Folder. You should share this folder at Tools > Options > Sharing > Add.

To add songs automatically to iTunes library, for loading onto an iPod or burning, using Windows please do the following:
In Frostwire
Click on Audio under Media Type
Click Browse
C:>Users>(your PC name)>Music>iTunes>iTunes Media>Automatically Add To iTunes
Click Select
Your songs should automatically appear in iTunes now when you download this point forward. Hope this works for you too.
Thanks to alocke18 :)


Manually adding your tunes to the iTunes Library for loading an iPod etc. can be simply done for Windows users using the most recent Frostwire versions. Select the songs in the Frostwire Library and simply drag them into itunes, and they will be added to the iTunes library. Also ... See The YouTube Video Here or For Windows Users with Pictures Here.. or scroll down to last post.

The following should help if that does not work for you:

To load an iPod using iTunes (which is the usual and recommended way) or burn with iTunes, you must add the tunes to your iTunes library. Drag the files from their folder which is usually the save or download folder, (NOT the listings in the Frostwire library) into iTunes Library, or a playlist that you have set up in iTunes EDIT: (but not to the shared section of iTunes), OR go to iTunes Menu>file>add to library.

If iTunes is set as your default player, you can also double click on the files in the save/download folder, and they will be added to the iTunes Library. PLEASE NOTE you can not drag songs from the Frostwire Library. If you do you will get a strange error message about podcast URLs. You must drag or add the tunes from their folder. This is most likely the Frostwire save folder, the location of which can be found in Frostwire>tools>options>saving>basic>save folder. Alternatively you can select a file in the Frostwire Library, click "explore", and you will be taken to the file's folder.

You can choose whether to create another copy of the file in the iTunes music folder at iTunes>preferences/options>advanced>general>copy files.......

The above holds for Windows Users if you want to add your tunes to the iTunes Library, load tunes on an iPod or burn through iTunes.

Mac users can choose to have files added automatically to iTunes.

Songs can be played in iTunes, without adding to the library by going to Frostwire's tools>options>iTunes and enable Sharing (You may also need to check your iTunes Preferences: sharing>look for shared libraries [I think]) and your Limewire Library should appear as <yourname>'s FrostWire Tunes under "shared" in the iTunes source list. This way they will play in iTunes but not load on an iPod or burn through iTunes.


Adding Tunes to ipod: Once your songs are in the iTunes library, plug in your iPod and it will show up in the source list in iTunes and you will need to select options from the resulting iTunes page. It is always safer .. if you already have items on your ipod from another computer, for instance, to not choose sync but to manually manage your music.

iPods can be loaded using other applications. Google for details.


See Gummo's post HERE

and barlou12's post HERE


This link has some useful tips for ipod users wanting to play audiobook


  • A tip for iPods :)
    When adding songs to your iPod on more than one computer, when your iPod is plugged in, click on the iPod, and check ''Manually manage songs'' or something like that, and add the songs to the iTunes library, then highlight the songs you want, and drag it to the ipod. They will start transferring, without deleting your songs.
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    • Press your windows key and R key at the same time and type %homepath% in the box given.
    • Click Ok and a window will show with folders and files in it.
    • Find the Shared folder there and drag it with your left mouse button to iTunes.
    • In iTunes there is now a new list of songs called Shared, use this instead of the FrostWire podcast you may see.

    1. All Videos need to be converted to .wmv format and completely FREE OF ERRORS so they can be transferred

    2. To make a completely successful transfer ORGANIZE YOUR MUSIC down loaded by Frostwire by artist

    3. To get album art search Google Images for a Cover Image, then save it in the ARTISTS FOLDER (Once you made one) and save it as ALBUM ART Finally go to properties:Hidden:apply

    4. Go to the Zune Software: it should say MEDIA CHANGES DETECTED then it will remove said artists songs from zune then it will replace them with album art.

    NOTE: Songs (depending on certain variables) will take LARGER CHUNKS OF BATTERY POWER. The method of solving this on Zune 30's and Zune 80's is to CONTINUE TO LISTEN TO THAT SONG UNTIL IT (The hard disk) REALIZES IT. (what is done is more complex this is a simplified explanation).
  • A quick note on Conversions to WMV, THEY WILL REQUIRE other software.
    Another Note: organize by using WMP and then either manually add the Art or adding it they way I explained it. It may take a bit longer to organize the music if you have a lot.

    I'm working on other fixes so stay posted.

    1. When Syncing to Zune, DO NOT PUT SONGS UNDER UNKNOWN NAME OR UNKNOWN ARTIST. It will keep syncing to the Zune if you do that.
    2. When syncing to the zune, Do not enter any new album info or the zune will mislabel it.
  • Not sure if Videos to ipod s already posted anywhere or not, recently was brought to my attention that link in #Support only dealt with Music so I posted this moving Video's help.

    Videos must be converted to MP-4 format. Videora works well, is easy to use, and free:

    1. Open it up and install it.
    2. Get on the Convert page.
    3. Click the One Click Transcode button.
    4. Browse the video file and select it, it will take aprox. 30 minutes to encode the video.
    5. Once its done, go under Videora and click on the Videos tab.
    6. You will see your move it will have an akward name (i.e. TS_06)
    7. Open up iTunes and create a new play list.
    8. Drag the video over click Update on your iPod. Now you have video!

    **if this is already posted anywhere feel free to delete Hobo etc**
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    Hello Windows users!
    The drag & drop feature is convenient for most people, however doing it manually (and the right/better way) isn't so hard.

    These are the simplified instructions I give in the support channel of Community Chat:
    Frostwire menu: Tools > Options > Saving tells you where your files are.
    Should be something like C:\Users\username\Documents.. (usually in Start button -> My Documents)
    Go to that location on your computer and drag the "Saved" folder to your media player.

    The detailed version is still pretty easy, and I made it easier with a visual guide of a few simple steps below.

    First step: Go to Tools > Options > Saving (basic)
    [For FrostWire 5 the saving location is listed in Tools > Options > BitTorrent, as the Torrent Data Save Folder]


    You can also drag the Saved folder itself to your media library.

    - Alternatively, you can add the folder in iTunes File menu > Add Folder to Library and use the pop-up browser to go through Computer (in the left column), then hard disk C:, etc.. and choose your Saved folder.
    - In Windows Media Player it's File > Manage libraries > Music, then Add on the next pop-up window.

    For automatic iTunes adds for new downloads, watch this video guide.

    I hope this helps & good luck! :D

    [edit: updated visual guide, and text to match the image]
  • That was really informative tutorial. I am using iTune from quite a long time to upload and download songs in my MP3. But there are some features of iTune which I was completely unaware and I am glad that I came to know through your tutorial. So I would like to say a complete tutorial on iTune which helped me to use iTune application more better. :)
  • I am wondering if it's possible to have the file the music is saved to and shared in itunes? Meaning I use frostwire download a song and it will be saved to c:/user/itunes/media/music which it could also be shared from :?:
  • In order to have Frostwire automatically move your download songs over to iTunes do the following:
    In Frostwire
    Click on Audio under Media Type
    Click Browse
    C:>Users>(your PC name)>Music>iTunes>iTunes Media>Automatically Add To iTunes
    Click Select
    Your songs should automatically appear in iTunes now when you download this point forward. Hope this works for you too.
  • Thank you alocke18 for the timely posting of that ... I have copied and pasted your instructions to the first post ... I meant to add the information and you reminded me :)
  • I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes. I use Frostwire 4.21.1 on my macbook pro along with iTunes 10.0.1 and I was trying to figure out a way to keep iTunes from automatically opening each time a download is complete. I still want the songs imported to iTunes eventually, but it would be great if all the downloaded stuff could import the next time I chose to open iTunes, or of course I could manually import the mp3's. Any ideas? Thanks!
  • Not really the right place but you are forgiven :)

    In a word no. You would need to add tunes manually which is what I do on my Mac. Actually I find it somewhat less confusing that way .. i used to find i was getting all sorts of odd things i couldn't remember downloading using auto import lol.
  • Ok, im a little confused. I am a convert from limewire to Frostwire. I have followed the directions in the sticky on how to have your songs automatically imported into your itunes library and it works fine. HOWEVER, it does not work like I want it to or like I had it on limewire. When I had limewire, any song I downloaded into the "Saved" folder within the Limewire folder was automatically imported into my itunes. I did not have to put it into an "Automatically add to Itunes" folder.

    That is what I want to do here. The two look like the same software so it should work the same. I dont like the way it lists my music in the folder view by selecting that folder. I want it to automatically import the music from the Frostwire>Saved folder, how do you do that?
  • hi dixie_boysles,

    in FW go to tools, options, saving... your default i think should be
    C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Owner\My Documents\FrostWire\Saved..... if youre using windows xp.
    whatever, make a note of the file location.

    now go to itunes, edit, preferences, advanced tab... change your itunes media folder location to
    C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Owner\My Documents\FrostWire\Saved... or whatever yours is.
    while you are at the itunes advanced tab, make sure ' keep itunes media folder orginized' is not ticked

    then you will have to copy all the files from your limewire save folder over to FWs save folder.

    i think that should get it.

    when you are sure all your music is in FWs save folder and and itunes can find them all and your pod syncs, you should be safe to delete the limewire save folder.

    if you are scared , or cautious, backup all your files to an external HDD before you start.

    EDIT: 2nd december 10;... i just retested this and it only sends to the file to itunes after you play the file in itunes. oops.
    ill check it out and see if i can remember the fast way.

    i know what you mean about looking in folders within folders that have folders just to find a song. especially when the song is in the wrong folder because somebody 5 years ago named it wrong or put it down to the wrong artist.
  • ty sooo much! u have no idea how much this has helped! ur my hero!!!
  • being somebodys hero is what it is all about. (ill take full credit for all posts in this topic regardless of the truth)

    thats why when they made me a moderator they issued me with a handy dandy cape.

    i use it often.

    thanks for your contribution to our forum.
  • /me snips a wee corner off the cape :)
  • well,,,,, i suppose since its your topic and you put all the work in,,,,, you can have a corner,,,,,, but, i dont have a wee corner on my cape, i do use the other side corner when i have a cold and mum forgets to pack my handkerchief though.

    whos going to get the spam from our hero worshiper first,, tic toc.
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    my sound recorder and WMP don't run in Vista. Can anyone help?

    ANSWER ; Yes, but first, let me delete your spam link for you, thats my job, not much of a job, i know, but if you had a better job you wouldnt have the need or time to spam our forum, youd be busy being useful somewhere that you do fit in.
  • Reinstall them? It's hard to guess what the problem is without a description.
  • I can't add any music from limewire to itunes. I just got a new computer, so i downloaded the newest versions of both. I have used both before. I have used all of the ways to transfer the files. If it means anything, whenever i drag the files over to itunes instead of getting a square i get a circle with a slash inside of it.
  • i was going to link you to this post but you are already here.

    do you mean limewire or frostwire?
  • I meant frostwire. And the reason i posted here was because i read most of the original fixes, yet none of them worked. My problem seemed to be different than most people. Also i am using windows 7.
  • Hi...According to me

    Despite the introduction of many MP3 music sites on the Internet, some of them backed by major companies, iTunes remains dominant. This isn’t because iPods, the world’s bestselling portable media players, work only with iTunes. They don’t: many media programmes make a point of working with the full iPod range. The reason iTunes is so successful is that Apple treats it like any of its other products, and ensures that it provides precisely what people want.

    iTunes is free:

    With this in mind, it’s perhaps surprising that iTunes is free. It also doesn’t matter whether you have a Mac or a PC, you can download iTunes without fuss on both.
  • The way ive always (in the past) managed media with itunes is as the manufacturer recommends ( file > add folder to library ). If you don't know where to add the media folder from, check in Tools > Options. Apple Support Link

    Alternatively, there are other programs to add media to an ipod other than itunes, here's a link to simplehelp which lists the top 10.
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    A tip for iPods
    When adding songs to your iPod on more than one computer, when your iPod is plugged in, click on the iPod, and check ''Manually manage songs'' or something like that, and add the songs to the iTunes library, then highlight the songs you want, and drag it to the ipod. They will start transferring, without deleting your songs.
  • I had a version 4 frostwire (i dont remember which one exactly) that I used frequently and when I was asked to upgrade, I did. I have always used it to add songs to iTunes. I hated the new version 5s so I wanted to download my old version but i wasnt sure which one it was. So i downloaded 4.21.8 and its the one I was looking for but i cant drag the songs onto my itunes library now. Does anyone know why or how i can fix it? any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! -gaby
  • /me just :lol: @ linking the Sticky within the Sticky. :D

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