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Welcome everybody to the new FrostWire forums.

Expect a bit of breakage the following days as we adjust to this new platform.

We thank you for your patience.
-FrostWire Team

Download FrostWire for Android 1.0.6 RC 1 NOW!

Hello everybody,

I'm really excited to announce this next HUGE update, we hadn't had a release since november but we think it was worth the wait.

Download FrostWire for Android 1.0.6 Release Candidate 1 here: ... .6.rc1.apk

We've fixed a huge number of bugs reported by users worldwide, we've made the application consume 84% less cpu/battery, we've improved our search algorithms, and we've added an amazing new source of free and legal content:, which indexes millions of public domain and creative commons works and which gives results back in the form of HTTP downloadables and .torrent downloadables.

Download the APK now here and let us know if anything breaks during the next hours,
we only have about 6 different Android devices to test so we need your support
on finding and reporting any last minute bugs before the release

Here's the full changelog, we think you're going to love this one.

FrostWire 1.0.6 - APR/03/2013
- Faster search results. Search architecture revised and improved.
- Includes search results from, which indexes millions
of public domain and creative commons works from all over the
- Reduces CPU and battery consumption up to 84%.
- FrostWire won't disable screen locking during audio playback.
It's now up to the user to set longer auto-locking timeouts if
they want to use FrostWire as an audio player in their vehicles.
- UI fix, media player screen is correctly updated if a song starts
while the screen was locked.
- Updated icons and graphics.
- Improved mime type detection.
- Supports WebM video search results.
- Updated UPnP cling libraries for better Wi-Fi sharing discovery.
- Multiple crashes and freezes fixed.
- Opens .torrent files from urls and from any file browser.
- Faster hashing and checking of ongoing and finished torrent downloads.
- Fixes a crash when sharing files from third party apps like FileKicker
which pass filepath uris instead of android provider uris.
- Fixes double audio playback issue with third party media playing apps.
- Fixes bug where the app would force close and restart on phones without SD cards.
- Fixes bug on Android 4.x where finished document downloads wouldn't appear under

Feel free to ask any questions about this release.

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