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FW Android1.05- no resume on multifile torrents on bad wifi

Version 1.05 from the About screen, even though it's the latest Android download.
Using Android 2.31 on Cruz PS47. At my current location, I have an unreliable wifi connection - it drops out in two ways: signal loss, or good signal but network loss. These interruptions cause FW's torrent dl to fail and not resume, so that a device restart is required, and for multifile torrents FW can't be forced to resume even after a reboot.

For torrents with a single file:
After a wifi interruption, I can select, pause, and resume. But when wifi service resumes, and browser access to the Internet works, sometimes FW becomes unresponsive to attempts to resume. The file state is "stopped", but I can't resume by long-tapping to show the pause/unpause dialog : the pause/stop dialog simply won't appear at all. At this point, I have to full shut-down and restart the Android device. Usually, this causes FW to then allow long-pressing.

For multifile torrents:
Same circumstances as above, but resume fails. FW does not allow forcing pause/unpause (no long-tap option) on multifile torrents. Rebooting and restarting FW again does not trigger resuming, so users are stuck with no option but to start completely over.

I've noticed this no-resume behavior with five multifile torrents so far, from 3 different sources, including clearbits, and others. It seems to depend only on the existence of multiple files, regardless of source.

Request: permit long-tap Pause/Stop dialog on multifile torrents

Sorry if this is a duplicate bug.
If there's a 1.06 beta to try, I'll try it.


  • I have the 2gb data plan for my iphone5 from Verizon. If I have the wifi on and have the little wifi sign up in the corner instead of the 3G/LTE up in the corner, am I still using up data even though the wifi is on? Also, when I'm using wifi, does iMessage still use data or does it use the wifi?

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