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i cant close or uninstall frostwire!!!

i downloaded frostwire about a week ago and it was working fine but then once i wanted to close it to turn off my mac laptop it woudnt close. All that happened was all these windows saying that it is shutting down keep popping up. Now my laptop gets hot quicker and i still cant turn it off.. Can anyone please help me :(


  • I have found the same problems and I think you will find upgrading to Frostwire 5.3.3 will cure at least the overheating problem.

    As for the refusing problem is concerned. I have not yet encountered this with 5.3.3 but I did with many versions including 5.3.2

    To close Frostwire when it sticks on Shutting Down, click on  > Force Quit > Select Frostwire from the resulting list and click Force quit.

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