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Updated to 5.3.2, Can't Get Downloads into iTunes

So I just updated to 5.3.2 and I'm finding I cannot get my downloaded music files to play in iTunes. I have a Mac OS 10.5.8 system. I've tried:

-finding the file in my folders and dragging and dropping into iTunes, does nothing
-double clicking on the file in my folders, opens iTunes which does nothing
-right clicking on the file in my folders, selecting 'Open with iTunes,' opens iTunes, does nothing
-enabling Tools - Options - iTunes - Importing and setting it to automatically do so, restarting Frostwire and downloaded file again, still doesn't show up in iTunes (tried first three steps again to same results)
-right clicking in the Transfers window and then 'Send to iTunes,' does nothing
-selecting Tools - Recreate Frostwire folder in iTunes, recreates old files, but not any of my new downloads

Any new ideas to get my downloads into iTunes?


  • Over and over I see questions in the form of: How do I add X to my Y player? FrostWire does offer a different interface, which may or may not fill your need, but files downloaded are still files and can be handled the same way, for your player, whatever it is, by utilizing the same techniques you always have used. And this can vary from product to product.

    The key is to knowing WHERE these files are so you can manipulate them to be loaded into your players play list. This is simple to discover. Go to Tools>Options and >BitTorrent and look at the Torrent Data Save Folder. This is where FrostWire is loading received files.

    Whatever you have done in the past to load data from a folder, you should be able to do now, to load data from your FrostWire receive area.

    Or you can use the FrostWire player. I personally use Winamp and VLC and configure plays lists all of the time.

    Good Luck.
  • Some files, even mp3s will not always play in iTunes. VLV from is a good alternative player for Mac as Scott mentioned and also I use Cog player on Mac for some of the awkward files.

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