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Can't Unzip Karaoke Files

I've downloaded several files which are in a ".zip" file format.
I've tried to unzip them using several programs that normally zip or unzip ".zip" files but none will work.
This is an example of an error message I'm getting:
! C:\Users\FrostWire\Torrent Data\xxxxxx(KARAOKE)\ The archive is either in unknown format or damaged

All the files appear to be of a normal size for music files so I don't believe they are infected with a virus.
This happens only to the files that are listed with multiple files, which I expand by clicking the "+" sign.
They download as zip folders.
I could understand this if it was one or two files that didn't download properly but I have this problem with ALL zip files.

All the the files that are saved as MP3 files when download work fine.


  • I only became aware yesterday that many Karaoke files are in zip format. I have no experience with them but made a Google search and came up with a couple of links I hope will help. ... ay___.html

    I have a file downloading rather slowly. If I find out more I will let you know

    Please run a virus check on these files before attempting to open them .. A wise precaution with any downloaded files, just to be on the safe side.
  • My download finished, and, using a Mac computer, the zip file opened by double clicking, using my default Archive Utility. I was under the impression Windows users tent to use WinZip.

    Two files are included. One is mp3, the other cdg ( CD Graphics) which presumably contains the lyrics display.

    I hope this helps. One more thing .. Make sure you are not trying to open an incomplete file which may have downloaded alongside a file you intended to download. Some odd bits of files are downloaded as part of the Torrent process, but if incomplete will not work (They are deleted if you cancel a torrent)

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