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Is Frostwire legal?

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I just downloaded 253 songs to my iPod, quickly remembering that before I used Frostwire, Limewire was illegallized. :shock:

So, am I doing illegal activities by using Frostwire? :?


  • Both Frostwire and Limewire are/were legal, and no problem exists using either if you agree to the copyright related statement of intent you agree to upon installation.

    If you are using Frostwire for copyright infringement, then what you are doing could well be considered illegal.

    Imagine you have a sharp kitchen knife. It is totally legal for you to own it, but if you use it as a weapon to threat or injure then your usage of it would be illegal.

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    Please Watch, Download, Share this video from FrostWire explaining how FrostWire and all file sharing software are perfectly legal
  • Frostwire is a legal software.

    just remember when you installed frostwire you agreed that you will not use fostwire for illegal purpose before you fully installed it in your Pc
    This is a called a "Disclaimer"

    Limewire was shutdown becaue they were Charging and making profits on a free service and on products they had no rights too. (DRM)

    hope this helps cheers
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    Frostwire itself is not illegal. Frostwire can be used as a peer to peer file transferring system of uncopyrighted materials. But once copyrighted materials starting being used, downloading and uploading is illegal.

    So the program FrostWire in itself is completely legal.
  • Basically to sum it all up in a nutshell for everyone....

    Torrent Websites = People threaten them with legal matters.. Well there websites are prefectly legal none of the "Torrent" Data is on any servers owned by them they all are shared upon P2P = Peer 2 Peer connections so anyone whom uses them is sharing the "Software or w/e you have to offer"

    Now Uploading Torrents: People think your uploading the file to there server... Your not your uploading a "Image/virtual invisible" of the file to generate hashlinks or Magnet Links so unless you seed it yourself then people will connect to you and seed from you once they get it it's in the pool if you get several stimulous connections that help seed that "Virtual Image File" once you get even 1 single seed you can disconnect and stop seeding the file and it will carry on unless the other person dropped the host also... It's a big circle if nobody downloads that image file aka .Torrent file it's gonna end up getting a poor Magnet rating and nobody will try to connect to it.

    FrostWire: Frostwire is Legal Aslong as you Accept the Agreement stating you will not do Copyright Infringmant means your in the clear... Tho I think they shoulda put this in the installer with 2 Radio Buttons either Agree and carry on the installation or Decline and the Installation will abort.

    That is my information.. Enjoy
  • FrostWire is a program. I've never heard of an illegal program. How you USE FrostWire, can be illegal. If you share copyright data to which you have no rights, it is illegal use. Otherwise, the use is legal. I sent a friend a few gig of pictures that I'd taken. That was perfectly legal. It was MY data.

    IF I sent you a copyright movie to which I had not rights, that would be illegal.
  • markusmack wrote:
    It may well be deemed illegal very shortly if the SOPA and PIPA bills pass through congress. Come to think of it, I think the Internet will be illegal!
    FrostWire IS legal. REPEAT: It IS LEGAL. It is a computer program. You can USE it in an illegal manner, or you can use it in a legal manner but the PROGRAM IS LEGAL!

    Frost wire can be used on a LAN to distribute files and NEVER go on the internet. If you have hundreds of stations, that might even be a good way of doing it.

    SO the program is legal.
  • I just got an e-mail from my internet provider...basically a warning about downloading i'm confused. Your site states that the site is legal, so how can I get a warning from my provider from downloading a song from your system.

    It says I can't copyright what does that intail? I have a song and I put it on a cd..and i listen to it in my car. Is that illegal?
  • Are spray cans illegal? No.
    Is spraying and defacing public property illegal? Yes.

    Are cars illegal? No.
    Going over speed limits, not wearing your seatbelt, driving under the influence and blowing past red lights is illegal.

    Same thing here folks.

    FrostWire is just a file sharing client, a media player, a media organizer and a chat community.
    Sharing files is completely legal, it's just a matter of what files you share.

    Since we started this project we have done nothing but to show you how to use files sharing technologies legally (FrostWire updates are distributed every day using file sharing technology and saving the project a lot of money in bandwidth and servers). 5 years after and we have a queue of content creators lined up to share content every week with you. Things are changing now that new artists, writers, and film makers understand that File Sharing is actually a good thing for them. They get to drive their distribution costs to zero and they skip all the middle men by getting directly to you. They understand that file sharing is the new radio, the new tv and they want to be all over it.

    Open your ears, we have great free content for you to discover on every day and we get to feature new downloads from content creators all over the world every week. We even put out a 2 sided mixtape at the end of the year to celebrate over 2.5 million downloads of free and legal content

    If you want copyrighted content you should just buy it, but seriously you're missing out on all this great stuff with the same distractions coming from big media, when there's hundreds of thousands of great musicians out there to discover that it'd take a lifetime.

    The FrostClick team is building something really cool to make all of this content easier to reach, discover and share this year. Stay tuned, know your local copyright laws and let us know if there's great free Creative Commons content to share.
  • I just downloaded 253 songs to my iPod, quickly remembering that before I used Frostwire, Limewire was illegallized.
  • james442 wrote:
    I just downloaded 253 songs to my iPod, quickly remembering that before I used Frostwire, Limewire was illegallized.
    FrostWire is a legal program. If you use it to download copyright data, you are breaking the law. There are dozens of posts relating to this on the board. I'd suggest you read some of them as well as my help pages.
  • When you download and install FrostWire you must agree that you will not use it for the purpose of copyright infringement otherwise the software won't work. FrostWire condemns copyright infringement.

    Downloading FrostWire does not constitute permission or a license for obtaining or distributing unauthorized files. It is illegal for you to distribute copyrighted files without permission.


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