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FW5 - To Be Seeding or Not To Be Seeding

Is there a way to force all torrents to be seeding?

I freely admit to have waffled on the option to seed vs not seed new torrents. I have settled on 'do it' but I can't seem to force the torrents created whilst set to "not seed" to now be seeding. A seedy question, to be sure.


  • If you have the torrent file but the torrent is not seeding then just reopen the .torrent file, either from the library > Torrent Files or from your Torrents folder. If you do not have the .torrent file you wu=ill need t download it agin, and open it. If it belongs to the torrent in question and it is in the Torrent Data folder it will pick it up, check it and then carry on seeding.

    I hope that answers your seedy question :)

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