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Copyright infringement

edited September 2011 in Open Discussion
I had Limewire before and you had the option of downloading copyright or not. Is there such a thing in FrostWire. How do you tell which is copyright or not. I do not know the difference.
Thanks for the help


  • As it happens the Limewire method of avoiding copyright material had somewhat of a flaw, in that it was possible to flag a file with a Creative Commons licence which then needed verification which was a tedious process, and often proved that the "licence" was a fake, plus there were a great many non copyright files available which did not indicate that they carried such a licence.

    Very basically, if the item is available from iTunes or Amazon for instance, it can be assumed that it is copyright material.

    I should add that all material available through is all free and not subject to copyright restrictions, and there is much excellent material available there.
  • i downloaded a file called sporty girls and got hit with copyright infringement, they want $200.00 to settle or its off to court. has any one else had this problem

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