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How Do You Use FrostWire Now? Use To Be So Easy

edited August 2011 in Chat Room Help
I must have missed the memo. Frostwire used to be so easy to use. For instance, if I wanted to download a tune from an artist. I"d type in his name, wait for the individual mp3s to fill up the box. Choose the one I want, and in a a second or two he download bar starts to fill up. With 5.1.3 I get seeds and size, and the Frostwire Icon instead of the music icon, I get sent to some torrent page. I don't know what I'm suppose to do. Can someone either give me a step by step procedure that is like the old way in Frostwire, or send me to a site where I can learn the new steps? YouTube videos don't help. I thank you very much.


  • Frostwire 5 has been greatly improved in the last few days and so the information given HERE is not entirely up to date. The lates information on the Frostwire 5 search mechanism is HERE
  • Thanks for the info. I checked it out before I posted my query. Either I'm just don't get it, but the Frostwire explanation does not answer my questions, and that was if someone could help do the steps.
    For anyone who will kindly help me.....I run Lion on my Mac. It's different from Snow leopard. Frostwire on Snow leopard was a breeze. If I wanted to download Tony Bennett singing Rag to Riches, you'd simly type in Tony's name or the song title itself. Down would come choices, you would highlight and click. I don't understand torrents, and seedings, and now you are suppose to put your cursor on the box with the cross, and then it spells over into another box and you pick and choose what you want to download. It's extra steps for nothing, and I don't get it. Is there an easier way for the Mac users with Lion to utilize Frostwire like it was on Snow leopard? Thanks so much
  • The latest release re-adds the separate search options for simplicity and searches within the torrent files themselves for matches to your queries, would suggest updating to the latest release - which can be found (for mac) from here.
  • prez I should point out that currently The older versions of Frostwire 4.21.8 and previous, will not work on Lion. This is going to be fixed, but I would not like to say exactly how quickly

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