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Why does seeding take so long?!

edited July 2011 in Open Discussion
I'm trying to be patient with this new update but why does seeding take days? I have only 4 files downloading and they've been seeding for like 3 days and its still at 0. Ridiculous!


  • I think maybe you mean downloading :)

    You should avoid downloading any torrent showing zero seeds in the column in the search result window .. the more seeds the better.

    I have found very rarely that nothing will download and I find that restarting Frostwire cures it ..this maybe a bug and if it happens for you please let us know.
  • Ok.....
    I searched, double-clicked, and the torrents finished downloading and when "seeding" it'll say 0/6542 or 0/456..... Is the item downloaded?
  • The item is downloaded when it says seeding in the status column. the state of seeding covers waiting for uploading to happen as well as uploading .. the other column is not hugely important.

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