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Welcome everybody to the new FrostWire forums.

Expect a bit of breakage the following days as we adjust to this new platform.

We thank you for your patience.
-FrostWire Team

New FrostWire 4.21.6

A new FrostWire for Desktop is out with lots and lots of bug fixes that had a long time coming as well as some new policies to better protect you from sharing unwanted files by mistake.

New UI Elements have been added or modified for your convenience and better understanding of the application.

Take a look at the changes on the File Menu, and all the better explained Sharing options for Gnutella files as for Torrent Seeding control.

With the changes done to the File Menu, many new users will easily know how to completly shutdown FrostWire if they want to, no need to right click the FrostWire Icon on the Icon Tray if you want to leave. This will solve issues for some Linux users that have expressed compatibility issues with their window manager and FrostWire's Icon Tray support.

We also changed the wording from “Download Torrent/Magnet” to “Open Torrent/Magnet” to better follow the old school tradition of File -> Open across many software applications.

One bug that had a long time coming had to do with choosing your Torrent Data Save Folder path, now you’ll be able to select an external drive if that’s where you choose to save your Torrent Data files, thanks to all the people on the forum that reminded us of these and many other issues.

Now, from the Library you can intuitively find the Sharing Options with a new “Options” button that’ll take you to the Sharing Options of the application. Also, you will be able to see the files downloaded via BitTorrent on the Library Tree Node named “Torrent Saved Files”

Updated Policies

When you go through the configuration Wizard, you will see a clear difference between your “Save Folder” and your “Shared Folder”. You will be able to choose wether or not you want to share gnutella downloads as individual files or not. By default you won’t be sharing finished downloads. Incomplete files will also not be shared by default.

Also, if you decide to not share finish downloads, all previously shared individual downloads won’t be shared any more.

Your Torrent Data Folder cannot be shared in Gnutella. This is to avoid any inconsistencies that may arise when a user doesn’t want to seed a torrent. We have tried to make a clear distinction between Gnutella Sharing and BitTorrent Seeding.

You can now choose wether or not you want to seed finished torrents or not. By default you will be seeding torrents but you’ll be able to turn this off during the configuration wizard. We have made this decision so that you’re not catalogued as a “Leech” by torrent trackers and you have the best experience when it comes to using bittorrent.

Spam Results are also now hidden by default. You will know how many results are being hidden by looking at the numbers on your Search Result Tab Title. If you see something like “my keywords (7/234)” on the title, that means that you’re looking at 7 results and 234 Spam results detected and hidden from you for a better experience. You can always display Junk Results by Going to Tools -> Options -> FIlters -> Junk -> Display.

Also, you can now Block malicious hosts right after marking their Search Results as Spam, no need to right click on them after you’ve marked them as Spam, FrostWire will show you the option to block malicious hosts if you haven’t blocked them already.

A lot more coming, stay tuned.

Changelog for FrostWire 4.21.6
frostwire (4.21.6) stable; urgency=high

* Fixes a bug where some Debian systems that didn’t support the Icon Tray would crash on startup.
* Fixes a bug where running FrostWire for the very first time (and later) display Uploads number -1 in the bottom status bar.
* UX improvement Junk & Block. When marking Junk Results UI offers to block malicious hosts that haven’t blocked already.
* Policy update, Incomplete files are not shared by default to avoid sharing files you started downloading and didn’t want.
* Policy update, Finished downloads are not shared by default to avoid confusion between files on Shared folder versus files on Save folder.
* UX improvement, better explanation and option to turn on/off individual sharing of finished downloads (that end up in Saved Folder) during FrostWire setup wizard.
* UX improvement, when user turns off Finished Download sharing those files that were shared as individual files inside the ‘Saved Folder’ will not be shared anymore.
* UX improvement, File menu now has option to Exit FrostWire completely.
* UX improvement, File menu now says “Open Torrent/Magnet” instead of “Download Torrent/Magnet” for clarity.
* Bug Fix: The Torrent Save folder is now considered correctly, now users can set a Torrent Save folder on external drives.
* Bug Fix: Slideshow component had an issue where it would not update correctly the URL of the currently displayed slice if it had issues fetching the image file, this could in turn sometimes cause 100% CPU utilization.

— FrostWire Team Thu, 5 May 2011 11:03:14 -0500
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